# Vue quarter select

A quarter selector based on Vue.js

# Props

prop type default description
value/v-model String/Array [] binding value
value-format String yyyy-MM-dd format of binding value
minDate String/Date undefined those quarter that less than the min-date will be disabled
maxDate String/Date undefined those quarter that more than the max-date will be disabled
format Function(year,quarter,date) - custom input text format by function format
select-items Array - custom dropdown option text by select-items
default-value Date - set up default quarter by default-value

See vue-select-wrapper 的Props for more Props

# Methods

Methods Descripion Parameters
clear clear binding value

# Events

Event Description Parameters
change Trigger on value change (newVal)
visible-change Trigger on dropdown toggle (visible) true for show, false for hide
clear trigger when emptying

# Slots

Name Props Description
default { label, value } Slot for custom option template
header-left Slot for custom header left
header-center year Slot for custom header center
header-right Slot for custom header right